Forklift Repair Service

At Multi-Forklifts Inc., no forklift repair can resist us! Thanks to our years of experience and training, we know all brands and models. And since our expertise covers both propane trolleys and electric trolleys, we will put all your machinery back in shape!

How does forklift repair work?

The quality of maintenance and repairs plays a vital role in your compliance. This is why it is better to entrust your work to recognized experts. At Multi-Forklifts Inc., we guarantee each of our interventions!

Step 1:

Service Call: When equipment breaks, simply contact our team. An expert in forklift repair will analyze the problem to offer you a solution.

Step 2:

Diagnosis: Once there, our repair specialist will explain the reason for the breakage. It will also advise you on the best forklift repair option, as well as parts to replace, as needed. Know that thanks to our vast inventory, several pieces are immediately within our reach. If the repair requires a specific part, we will be able to order it from the supplier.

Step 3:

Submission / Approval: You will receive a detailed quote for the repair, which will include the parts and their cost. Thanks to this transparent approach, we avoid surprises at the end of the transaction. In 99.9% of cases, our repair corresponds exactly to the submission made!

Step 4:

Repair: Our expert performs a rigorous and accurate repair of your cart. In addition, he takes the opportunity to detect the interviews to be carried out in the near future. The goal is to help you preserve your forklift as long as possible, with quality repair and advice!

Why opt for our repair services?


All our repairs are guaranteed.

Call us to learn more!

Quick quote:

Our experts access the problem and provide you with a quote within a short time. Since they have solid experience in repairs of all kinds, they will advise you like pros!

Emergency service:

Are you on a construction site, but a broken car and you have to stop work? Contact our emergency service! Our team is accessible and will move quickly. However, if the repair is not urgent, you still have access to our standard service.

Fast and thorough repair:

Our work is proof that it is possible to be both fast and rigorous! It is thanks to our years of experience that we are able to repair the trolleys in a very reasonable time. Our team will be proactive, efficient and accurate during your repair!

Repair in your premises:

You want to avoid carrying the cart? When our team is available, she can go directly to your premises or building sites to repair faulty equipment. You will avoid the costs and inconvenience of transport!

Forklift Maintenance

Did you know that proper maintenance would save you a lot of time and money? Indeed, the turnkey service of Multi-Forklifts inc. will help you preserve the condition of your trolleys and prolong their performance! Your maintenance plan will be customized according to your forklifts, your budget and your availability. You will enjoy a service by appointment and fully adapted to your needs! According to the manufacturers' recommendations, keep in mind that the maintenance of your forklift trucks should be done every three months or after 240 hours of use on average.

100% Transparent Service

Equipment repair requires specialized expertise and excellent service! If we find that your repair will result in too much cost compared to a purchase or if the problem is likely to come back, you will be notified. At Multi-Forklifts Inc., we are transparent and advise our clients in their best interests. This is why our customers consider us a trusted partner for all their handling needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about a repair or the condition of a cart!

Need a quote?

Contact us now for a quick, transparent and detailed submission! Looking for equipment? We will find it for you thanks to our vast network of suppliers throughout Quebec!