Driver Training and Daily Check

Get your driver proficiency cards

Are you looking for forklift specialists, compliance or lifting technique? The CNESST requires training, compulsory cards and daily checks? Multi-Forklifts inc. put his expertise at your disposal! Whether with your operators or supervisors, our trainers will share the best of their technical and practical knowledge. Indeed, for several years, Multi-Forklifts Inc. offers very complete, detailed and easy to integrate training. And always adapted to the needs of your company and your team! * Our training is only offered to companies and their team.
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Driver Training

Use your forklift trucks safely and efficiently! Through our corporate training services, you have access to handling and lifting specialists. They are fully aware of the requirements of the CNESST and the various standards in force, which will help you maintain your compliance. Moreover, after several years of experience and training, the team of Multi-Forklifts inc. is now recognized by many companies in Quebec. Whether for the working methods of the profession of driver or for the daily check of equipment, rely on our know-how!

Daily Audit Training

Prevention is important, especially to reduce the risk of accidents in the profession of driver. This is precisely why the CNESST requires certain security measures, including the daily verification of devices such as the 4 gas tests:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)

To have peace of mind and be sure to meet compliance standards, opt for our Daily Audit Training! Our specialists will teach your workers all the procedures and steps of an effective inspection. Extra protection that your entire team will benefit!

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What training do we offer

  • Forklift truck (class 1 to 7)
  • Pallet truck and stacker
  • Telescopic handler
  • Bridge crane and gallows
  • Platform and aerial platform
  • Wheel Loader (Loader, Bobcat)
  • Crane truck (boom and articulated)
  • Bucket truck
  • Fall arrest system
  • Reminder of skills
  • Mechanical training
  • Annual equipment inspection training
  • Safe forklift inspection training
  • Racking training

Group and in-company training

How about training your employees directly at their workplace? Multi-Forklifts inc. go to your company to offer training adapted to your machinery and your environment! Very practical and fully customized to your needs, this driver training is appreciated by both employees and companies. During the session, your workers will learn the best lifting methods, safe driving, load weights, prevention and more! Then, a time will be allocated to put into practice their new knowledge and become familiar with all the techniques of the profession of driver. In addition, after the course, our trainers remain available for any questions or other improvements!
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Do you prefer individual training?

Please note that our driver training courses are also offered in individual sessions. This formula is ideal for perfecting the skills, techniques and know-how of a driver. In this case, the trainer will be there to guide and share his knowledge. More personalized, this course allows the driver to ask questions and work in-depth lifting techniques and more.

Need customized training?

Contact us to discuss your driver training needs. Our forklift and training experts will be able to develop customized training for your needs. At Multi-Forklifts Inc., what matters is your satisfaction and the quality of learning! Purchase Training:
Know that Multi-Forklifts inc. includes training with the majority of shopping carts purchased at our shop. Our role is not only to guide you to the best buy, but also to use as efficiently as safely!